Friday, February 9, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to a day in the life. Dunno why I didn’t get into blogging sooner, ‘cause I’m very opinionated, and I got a whole lot to say anyway. Oh well, better late than never; besides ’07 is a year of new beginnings and it promises to be better than both ’05 and ’06.

I’ve grown a whole lot in the years since graduating from Messiah, picked up a few new labels for myself, and grown a whole new bunch of convictions. I’m not stingy and I definitely aim to share. I pray that I don’t come across as too preachy, ‘cause I’m in this game of life to learn as much as the next person. Feel free to add your piece of life’s puzzles to mine, and maybe we can be a little less confused and bewildered by what our destinies have to offer.

That said, my first few posts will be reprints of stuff that I meant for print in OPINION sections of our news dailies, but never saw the light of day. Just giving you a peak into my maze, before I hit you up with the new thoughts of the year.


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