Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, after an unusually tedious round of exams, it's time to say hello to the long summer holiday. Coming from me this time around, "holiday" is a somewhat paradoxical term because I intend to do anything but rest.

This semester, more than other, taught me that perhaps I've become too polarized in my approach to life. Putting all my eggs in one basket, hoping that mere attention to study would make things better. What I'm finding is that everyone needs to inject their "eccentricities" into the work that they do....y'know, "being the best you that you can be", even in a field that might not precisely call for those idiosyncrasies (medicine anyone).

I'm finding that my love for plants, my new-found respect for web design (and Search Engine Optimization, SEO) and video-editing are really not polar opposites to me reading at all. It's just hard to do most of these things when you have to devote your time to studies. So for me, this holiday finds me doing probably more work than I was expected to over the semester.

I can honestly say that opportunities that didn't exist a while back have suddenly opened up for me; and seeds that were sown more than 2 years ago now find a friendly environment and I can explore those ideas more fully. And the company of like-minded individuals full of initiative and humble at heart - who've inspired me throughout my time here - will certainly make the process much easier.

So in the course of traveling, working and just generally socializing, this is bound to be one fascinating summer. I'll keep you posted on how things go.

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