Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rain! Rain! ...and more Rain!

Wenzhou weather really seems to be doing a number on us this year. I can't think of a time when it isn't raining around here; the rain is a given no matter what season were in. I'm not sure if El Nino is in effect this year, or perhaps it might even be something else.

On a few days, the rain is most welcome; it's that time of the year when the humidity starts to skyrocket, and make life a bit uncomfortable. It is at times like that that I welcome a large downpour. Not only does it cool things down a tad, it also washes any residual gunk that might be in the sky. I think anyone can attest that the sky looks a bit more bluer and the colors of the vegetation are that much more vivid after a rainstorm. Also, living by these expansive hills, we get to see the usually dry 'rills' running down the face of the hills bring forth water; in addition, the hills have this quaint little effect where it looks like the clouds are steaming from the very rock that lines hills tops .

The little things in life that I took so little time to enjoy before...and now my time in Wenzhou is quickly coming to an end. I guess this means I better find a way to document it really quick. Who knows whether it will look the same in the years to come. One thing has to be said for Chinese construction - they 'totally' change the face of the land as they develop it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying what they do is negative; it's just a remainder that the saying 'here today, gone tomorrow' is not a cliché here (hills or valleys are not exempted from their development and might just be leveled).

But, I digress, the rain, with its characteristic Wenzhou pulsing, has finally given way to some calm. Might just dash out and get something before 'Round-2' starts. Have to be on the lookout for 'Magic Bricks' though. 'Magic bricks' is something of a misnomer; remember how the Mario Bros. had their magical bricks, well here they have paving blocks which sometimes come loose and all this rain water ends up pooling under them.  Stepping on those paving stones sometimes triggers an effect similar to a geyser (unbelievable how much water could seep under one tiny block!!!)

Well, just some idle musings for an old soul. Come rain or shine, whatever's in your life right now,
God Bless 

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