Monday, June 13, 2016

Becoming a godfather

It has officially been a week and two days since I had the pleasure of becoming a godfather to my nephew, Leo. The baptism was a small intimate ceremony held at my elder brother's & his wife's house in the afternoon. 

The little cherub, Leo, is my elder brother - Emile's - firstborn son, and the last of the five Second generation Araos to be born into the family. At a mere 5.5 months, he's a very vocal baby, and quite outdoorsy - he'd rather go on a stroll outside than remain cooped in the house. He happens to be named after both his grandfathers (Leo, being the name of my father, and Kimani, after Nyambura's father).

The process of stewarding this young lad has been kept an all-family affair: Razia, his mother's elder sister, is his godmother, shouldering part of this great responsibility. I don't currently have any children of my own, but being a godparent is about as close as someone can get, without actually having any kids. I look at him, this great big bundle of possibility and potential, and recognize that I am now tasked with steering him towards the ultimate path his Almighty Father chooses for him. I have to be more than just his uncle.

The godparents

Baby Leo, Razia, Nyambura (Mum), Emile (Dad)

Father Maina wa Flora, Baby Leo, Nyambura

I recognize that there's a lot of work to be done, but I'm happy that I'm not alone in this task. I have his parents, his godmother, and the help of every individual who showed up to celebrate this beautiful start to his life in the Christian faith. I believe that his paternal grandfather is smiling down upon his namesake, and is just as proud of him as we are.

May God guide this beautiful work to its ultimate fruitful end. 
God Bless.

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