Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love my Catholic Tradition

I just attended Catholic Mass today!

Ideally, that seems like a mere paltry event, but considering that I live in Wenzhou, (South East) China, which is relatively unknown to most foreigners, it is nothing short of amazing.

Not long ago I had mentioned my adventure with regards to tracking down the Catholic Church within my city. Well, since late last year, a number of like-minded Catholics have also tracked the Church down, and we now have a fledgling "English-Speaking" fellowship - which gets to have an English Mass on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

I love Catholic tradition, particularly its solemn tones; I always loved being able to sit back in Church and marvel at the work it took to put together a service, particularly the music section. I fondly remember Ms. Kioko from Our Lady Queen Church [based in Karen, Nairobi] - our Organist.
The time she devoted to the church and her meticulous understanding of her art form always impressed me, and examples like these urge me to share my gifts (musical or otherwise) with the rest of this world

I really love tradition, and I miss the Latin Mass. Haven't attended one in quite some time. I especially loved "The Missa de Angelis" - Latin Mass VIII.
We (international students) get to perform all the musical pieces during the Mass, and gladly, in a blessed happenstance,I got to perform a duet of "Sanctus".

It blesses my heart to be able to praise the Saviour in a manner that my predecessors initiated. And in all that time since, I can share in the richness of those traditions. The continuity is astounding, and it binds me more closely to a 2000 year old mystery (with all its antecedents) and everyone who played a special part in it.

And, as we sang it, I was delighted to hear the Chinese celebrants (most of whom barely spoke English) join in with their Mandarin version of the lyrics.
This universal loves binds us all. It reminds me that within Christ, we are one body - many parts, but one body nonetheless.

God Bless

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