Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the fullness of His time

I feel really blessed lately.

Things seem to be coming together for a lot of people that I love. Kinda hard to go through life feeling that you're not living up to your full potential...and God knows this is a really thankless world already...but having to live through it as one disconfirmed really makes it that much worse.

That's why it feels really good when things take a turn for the better for people whom you feel really deserve good from this world.

God has put eternity in the hearts of men, but we cannot tell what He has done from beginning to end! The wisdom of Solomon indeed.

In the fullness of His time all things come to pass as He wills them, and I'm sure glad He has a handle on things in this ever changing world. More than that, I'd like to thank Him for putting up with all the whining, procrastination, excuses and sheer disappointment that undoubtedly comes from placing His trust within our hands time and time again.

A mark of recognition also goes out to those who look ahead and pray blessings into our lives. Mothers, Fathers, family, friends who pray into the life of something so new, with such infinite potential that the road ahead cannot be fathomed; in all things putting decent humble prayer, and despite the chance that they may not see the fruits of that prayer realized, forsaking comfort and being able to trust in One so Faithful, so Loving, who hears every word and brings those prayers borne of humility to fruition.

Never did I feel so happy in this life as when fate and the bustle of life rendered me powerless...powerless enough to just teach me to reach out and embrace Him the way I was always supposed to: as His docile child. Powerless in His hands I was initially created, and yet again powerless my soul will eventually return to Him.

With what time I have left - each precious moment - I dedicate to Him and His purpose. And to this world, His world, I will freely render my gifts just as they were freely given unto me. And when I think of someone in need, if there's nothing more within my power that I can do, I will at least intercede for you, as countless others have interceded for me and were never put to shame.

In the fullness of His time He makes all this right.

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