Thursday, April 1, 2010

Works: The First Kiss (1)

There’s no other way to describe it,
Except to say that I feel complete.

It’s just me and you, and you have me swaddled in endless serenity.
I know of no one else; nay, I need nothing else,
Except to reside in this one perfect moment
My mere presence pales in comparison to you,
But I understand the inherent beauty of it all:
You are the FIRST, and your love is the template against which I’m fashioned.

But something in your countenance tells me that I can’t stay.
I wouldn’t call it an’s more like a premonition.
Of one who’s arrived too soon; one who’s achieved the peak of success without an ounce of effort.
I see it oh so clear now – you have to let me go!
I’m simultaneously at my beginning and my end. I lie in this moment – timeless.

It’s not without a little reluctance on your part
It seems like you’re almost sad to see me go…like I may not make it back.
….but this rite of passage is not without its own merit. You’ll be letting me go, but I sense you’ll never be far off.
You embrace me, and you kiss my head so deep.
An emptiness stirs down within, and I know that I will never forget you.

(Ref: Ecclesiastes 11:5b)


mwangijunior said...

Jaron. I hate to presume what this poems mean...

Richardona said...

Read it deeply. Please do not presume :)